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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps

Complex websites & web apps

Complex websites and web apps

Brand identity & strategy

Brand identity and strategy

Static & interactive Infographics

Static and interactive infographics

Social media fuel & strategy

Social media content and strategy

Campaign websites & newsletters

Campaign websites & newsletters

“Bruns & Niks knows how to take a product idea and bring it to the next level, with quick turnaround times and a flexible and dedicated approach.”

Rien van Beemen

Rien van Beemen

NRC Media, Amsterdam

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“Working long-distance was never a problem: Bruns & Niks kept track of all the necessary things and it was a pleasure to do calls with them and their team.”

Denise Young

Denise Young

Head of communications
International Council for Science, Paris

Clients all over the world.

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Work you’ll (really) like

“One of my favourite aspects about Bruns & Niks was how they enhanced what I thought was already very good.”

Kyra Maya Phillips

Kyra Maya Phillips

The Misfit Economy, London

Road to Paris We designed and developed a news platform to portray some of the biggest issues of the 21st Century

Road to Paris iPad




Build a rock-solid news platform for policy makers with little time to explain the most important issues of the 21st century.

NRC Reader We designed a quality newspaper tailored to the next generation

NRC Reader iPad




Design a web app for all devices to provide the next generation with the best content from across all nrc papers.

PEW We got over 2.5M people across Denmark and Ireland to tell their leaders to stop overfishing

PEW Video Play




Design a campaign to motivate people to tweet their representatives in the European Parliament, demanding that overfishing be stopped once and for all. Campaign completed together with Brussels-based Harwood Levitt Consulting.

Soccer We explained the work of the Royal Dutch Football Association to the rest of the Netherlands




Explain the things the Dutch Royal Football Association does in a clear and visually compelling way.

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